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Our Story

Ever dream of a coffee so good it makes Sofia Vergara say "¡Dios Mío!" (Oh my God!)? Well, that dream is now a reality, gracias a Sofía herself!

Sofía Vergara knows

See, Sofía's a coffee lover and expert through and through. She knows her beans like nobody's business, and finding a cup that measures up to her high standards is not an easy task. But then she finally found the committed Colombian coffee growers she was looking for. As she also reconnected to her roots in the country where she was born (Colombia).

Women in the coffee industry

These mujeres poderosas (powerful women) are part of the The National Federation of Coffee Growers, Women Program, aimed to support the thriving, wellbeing and female leadership in the coffee industry, one historically led by men in Colombia. And in partnership with ¡Dios Mío! Coffee by Sofia Vergara we are going beyond empowering them, by supporting them. 

It was when Sofia finally felt like those nightmare coffees in the United States would be finally over, with the coffee of her dreams: ¡Dios Mío! Coffee

Dios Mío Coffee by Sofia Vergara

That's how ¡Dios Mío! Coffee was born – a celebration of incredible coffee and the amazing women who cultivate it! Get ready for a flavor fiesta unlike anything you've ever experienced before. 

And now you know why we always talk about this tribute from Latina women to the world.

With love, Sofia Vergara