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Artículo: Delia, Coffee Grower

Delia, Coffee Grower

Meet Delia and her heart warming story

Delia has a big heart. This dulce abuelita (sweet grandma) is surrounded by her furry doggy children who follow her every step – from the lush coffee cherry plantation to the sun-drenched drying beds.

Delia's not just a coffee grower, she's an artist! Her farm is a fiesta de flores (flower party) bursting with color, just like her personality.  She's been working this land with delicate passion for what feels like forever, and her love for nature shines through in every cup.

Delia's got the rhythm of the earth in her soul, and her calmness and joy are infectious. This amazing woman is proud to be a partner with Sofia Vergara, bringing super delicious coffee to the world. We can't wait for you to meet her in every sip!

This is more than just enjoying a great quality cup of coffee, it's about supporting loving and caring women in coffee farming.

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