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Article: Marta, coffee grower

Marta, coffee grower

Marta and her family dedicate themselves to growing coffee in Colombia. Discover more about her

Marta owns her coffee farm and she dreams about growing coffee with her family, her sons are studying engineering and she hopes for them to apply their knowledge in the family business. 

Growing coffee takes more than dedication, it also requires great hand work and the help of others to make it blossom. Marta knows it very well, she has the support of her husband in every step of the process and as a family they have been working together to make their living from coffee cultivation. 

In the present, they are a loving and happy family dedicated to coffee in support of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC). Their sons are studying at the university and Marta hopes for them to become part of the family business and keep passing the coffee culture and traditions for generations to come.

She partnered with Sofia Vergara to bring you the best coffee for you to enjoy every moment, and may they continue thriving.

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