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Article: Alicia, Coffee Grower

Alicia, Coffee Grower

Get to know Alicia, her story and why ¡Dios Mio! Coffee is so special!

Meet Alicia, a force of nature living amongst the majestic Colombian mountains. This cafetera (coffee grower) isn't just passionate about coffee, she's obsessed (in the best way possible)  – and guess what? Her entire team is made up of powerful women just like her!

Alicia's not just about the bean, though. This eco-farmer has developed some ingenious techniques to harvest coffee that are kind to the environment. We're talking less water waste and keeping the land chemical-free  – all while those delicious beans grow strong!

But Alicia's not all work and no play. This strong and laughing woman is on a mission to share her incredible coffee, cultivated with her amazing team, with the world! And guess what? She's joined forces with the one and only Sofia Vergara to bring you some seriously delicioso (delicious) Colombian coffee. 

Get ready for a coffee revolution led by these amazing women –  we can't wait! Now you know you are not just buying coffee, you're supporting strong women! Subscribe Here

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Delia, Coffee Grower

Delia, Coffee Grower

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